What is Lydia Lunch doing now?

lydia-lunch-2Lydia Lunch is an American writer, a singer, a poet and an actress. She was born on June 2, 1959. She is a self-empowered speaker whose career was produced by the New York City “No Wave” scene. Most of her work that’s featured is confrontational and often with a provocative noise music delivery. Being considered by many to be a society parasite at her best, she is known to appeal to others like her. It is evident that throughout her career, she is no expert considering the fact that she can use the term 'fuck' more than twenty times in a sentence. But then again- who knows, maybe it’s because she neither has a PR nor a manager for guidance, but still managed to maintain an operating dependency all these years.

Did you know that Lydia Lunch has even been homeless more than a handful of times before leaving the USA to live in Barcelona, Spain. Surprisingly, Willy De Ville gave her the infamous moniker after she stole food for her band buddies. Lydia Lunch was also named among the top ten most influential performers back in the 1990’s. Well, this article is set to focus on her second wind of success in Europe and what she does currently to support herself as an artist. She is still a powerful performer whose live show attracts a massive crowd of people who love her and are enticed by her music. Lunch is someone who never draws out a concept. To everyone’s astonishment, Lydia abandoned the ‘No Wave’ scene soon even before it even started- yet still is credited to have played a large part in the movement itself. Her social fashion is something that no one can ignore. She confronts the public with courage and lets her image burn into the minds of impressionable young people. Most people don’t even know that she even left her Dadaist approach to making music? This act made her adopt a greater commercial sound to gain a broader audience.

Lunch is said to have returned to Australia with her ‘Retrovirus’ tour, but among the dive bars of NYC and Brooklyn and some scattered Texas frat bars, her fanbase is usually stronger in Europe where they know less about her- but the name and legend caught-on. Lydia, now 59 years old is still crawling around with the aid of a Chrome Crank and Sonic Youth, Bob Bert and Weasel Walter who is a Flying Luttenbachers and Algis Kizys. There is also a new documentary featuring Lunch, which is currently in progress. The documentary is directed by filmmaker famously known as Beth B., who was featured on the ‘War is Never Over’ film documentary on ‘Lunch’s’ career through a series of interviews and live performances. In her interview, Lydia sarcastically speaks out in the trailer saying her artistic themes from years earlier are always universal. This includes her personal trauma and how she survives, her balances and imbalances and also the random injustices she perceives. This documentary does not only focus on Lydia but also her superfan Nicholas Jaar- who is imprinted in the release of her album on the conspiracy of women and also the band on Teenage Jesus.

Being spoken a word performer, Lydia Lunch declares that if you are taking art for money, then that is not art. She further says that that is commerce. In her opinion, being an artist is not a career, it is a necessity just if your blood boils. At 59, this ‘No Wave’ legend has not only worked with Nick Cave but also with Sonic Youth where they have created art and written books. Having emerged in the late 70’s, taking part in a movement she herself had no idea would ever go anywhere; Lunch is still considered the voice of New York’s underground.